Friday, 10 January 2014


This was the theme for the first recollection this semester by Fr. Peter Maina from the Murang'a diocese. It is a special and timely as we as one family are called to be one family of Our lady Consolata. Especially this year being the year of the founder where the whole Consolata fraternity are called to pray ceaselessly so as our dear founder may be a saint. Fr. Maina talked about Faith, we are all guided by faith and that is why we come from different regions, ethnic groups and countries to come and form one family.
Yes one family. Therefore, I call everyone, to adhere and to absorb this calling, without minding the regional grouping and family, country family group, ethnic family group and be one. Failure to do so, then we shall divide our family in race, ethnic affiliation, class affiliation and we shall loose the special call of our Lord Jesus Christ of being one. One family of Our Lady Consolata and Bl. Joseph Allamano.

May you O Lord the fountain of all holiness bless our family of Consolata, make us one and give us your grace to live in unity peace and love. may we care for the good of this family, and be considerate for each other as we have always been. this is a great family, always make it better as you intended our Lord Jesus. We ask these through Christ our Lord. Amen. Our Lady Consolata Pray for us. Bl. Joseph Allamano Pray for us.


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