The seminarians are privileged to go for pastoral in different areas in preparation for the mission and this is when one is in third year philosophy which include:

1.) Alliance High School
2.) Familia ya Ufariji
3.) Nyumbani Childrens Home
4.) Consolata Shrine Westlands
5.) Kenya Prisons- Langata
6.) St. Joseph MukasaKahawa West Parish
7.) Githurai Parish
8.) Langata High School
9.) Christ the King Parish  Kibera(Highrise)
10') St. Agnes SCC Kibera
11.) St. Paul SCC Kibera
12.) St. Clare SCC Kibera
13.) Mother Teresa Otiende
 In some of these places the seminarians do different activities which include teaching catechism, going for the small christian communities and sharing the word of God and even teaching the catholic faith and making clarification on matters of faith, there some also who work with the disabled and feed them, wash their homes and play with them, others work with the orphans and they help them with their school assignments, share life experience and help them to coup with the adolescence, others who work in the parishes train alter servers and PMC and assist in the mass. these are activities that one cannot just assume them hence the diversity of these makes the aim of our great founder Bl. J. Allamano do found the congregation very realistic qand hence fruitful in the evangelization of all. and consoling those who are heavy laden.